The vision of a company is often interpreted as the future conditions that want to be achieved
by the company. More importantly, the vision is also the inspiration and framework for
strategic planning of the company.

The vision of P.T. Sekar Lima Pratama is to become one of the leading integrated textile
companies in Indonesia, with business units including Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Bleaching,
Dyeing, Printing and Garment.

To achieve its vision, the company consistently improves it product quality and production
efficiency, supported by professional busine ss management team with sound-experience in
textile industry.


The mission of a company is the statement regarding the steps and actions need to be
completed by the company in order to accomplish its vision.

The mission of P.T. Sekar Lima Pratama:

1. To produce high-quality products with international standard

2. To provide excellent services to customers

3. To become a profitable and growing company

4. To contribute to the community su rrounding the manufacturing plant

5. To create employment for the population in the area of the manufacturing plant

6. To improve the welfare of its employees

This mission becomes the principles embodied in every element in the company, from its highlevel management to production staffs and labor.