PT Sekar Lima Pratama has been a premier manufacturer and distributor of greige and finished fabrics since 1977. Our unique combination of vertical manufacturing, cost-efficient production strategy, combined with “hands-on” company directed allows us to compete with our local and international competitors, while maintaining the quality of a fully vertical mill. We produce a wide array of fabrics for the juvenile, apparel, medical, consumer products, and specialtyniche.

In Greige fabric division, we manufacture a wide variety of fabric mainly using spun yarns in both warp and weft. Most of our products is spun-yarn based, with a few uses Polyester filament yarn for the weft. Our portfolio of products includes various items made with 100% cotton carded and combed, 100% spun polyester, 100% viscose. We also produce blends with poly/cotton, viscose/cotton (RC), poly/viscose (PV) and Linen blends.

The basic weaves like 1/1 (plain), 2/1 (twill), 3/1 (twill), 4/1(satin) contributes signification part of our normal production. Besides these regular weaves, we also produce special weaves such as Dobby, Broken twills, Waved twills, Ho psacks, Cords, Pique, Pique Cords, Honey Comb, Bedford Cord, Ribstop, Herringbone, Ribs and Stripes, Half Panama, Ducks, Ottoman, Crepes, Crepon and other fancy weaves. We have almost the entire possible material; width and construction range of Greige fabric to suits your request.

Our production volume is approximately 2.5 million meters per month. Before discharged from our plants, all fabrics are carefully inspected and ensured that it complies with the international standard of quality. In the Quality Control department, meter by meter is strictly inspected to pass the 10-point International Grading System.

With its own Finishing division, Sekar Lima Pratama produces processed fabric using both the high-quality of Greige fabrics produced by our own Weaving business unit and Greige fabric from other plants. The company sells its processed fabrics, both to local and overseas market. These finished fabrics include apparel, industrial, medical and bed linen fabrics. Our annual volume is approximately 30 million meters. Our Finishing production line is supported by modern Japanese machineries, from its Scouring Bleaching, Gas Singeing, Mercerize and Stenter.
Specialties : Apparels, Industrial, Medical and Bed Linen

Fabric Composition : 100% Cotton Carded and Combed, 100% Rayon, 100% Viscose, Poly/Cotton blend, Poly/Viscose blend

Width Finish Range : 0.90 meters to 2.50 meters

Finishing Type : Regular, Dry Peach Skin, Wrinkle Free, Soil Free Finishes,
Water Repellent