Fendi Gunawan Liem
President Commissioner

Together with the Board of Commissioner, Fendi is responsible for setting the strategic course and overseeing Sekar Lima Pratama’s operations in a manner that rewards our customers and employees.

Fendi oversees Sekar Lima Pratama’s government, strategy development, investor relations and corporate communication functions. In his current role, Fendi is actively involved in formulating long-term global business strategies, developing business opportunities for Sekar Lima Pratama business units in growth market overseas and establishing marketing and communication initiatives.

Fendi earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and a ttended the Management Consulting Program  sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in Philadelphia, USA.

Hendra Gunawan Liem

Hendra works closely with leadership across the company in creating and implementing business units and corporate strategies that drive growth, profitability and shareholder value creation.

In this role, he worked with Sekar Lima Pratama business units and enterprise functions on the continued deployment of critical processes and systems to improve business performance and achieve the corporate vision of the company.

He also leads the development of company’s business strategy and restructuring program. Hendra holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science for the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He is a past participant in Andersen Consulting Management Program in Sydney, Australia.

Liem Liliek Setiawan
President Director

Liem Liliek Setiawan has served as Chief Executive Officer since 1 January 1995. His leadership managed to bring the company passing the difficult time during Asia’s financial crisis era in 1997.

Liliek has extensive experience in general management, program management. He has his strength in marketing, structured approach to sales. He has been involved in building a sound team to deliver products, forming Joint Ventures and securing 1st stage funding for the company and later management buy out.

Working together with the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Liliek also cofounded a Regional Agency for Export Development, called Kirana Kencana Mandiri, focused on promoting Indonesian products, especially textile and traditional Indonesia furniture to the international market.

He also sits as a Director in Indonesia Ethical Business Commission, an initiative of Netherland government in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility among Indonesian companies.

Liliek is an Accounting cum-laude graduate from Indonesia’s leading university, Trisakti University in Jakarta. He is a regional Vice President ofIndonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin)and a Vice President of the Association of Indonesian Young Businessmen (HIPMI -Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia.